Perinton Nursery School has thrived in our community for over 60 years! Our success is due in large part to the active participation of parents in our school. Family members are an integral part of the classroom experience and we believe that teachers and parents together can create the best learning environment for young children.

Teacher Communications

Our teachers use ClassDojo, a private app, for each classroom to share and provide frequent updates on what’s happening in the classroom! Mrs. Heather and Mrs. Carrie will regularly share photos and videos of classroom learning and exploration.

Class Parent Communications

The Classroom Coordinator will set up a private Shutterfly Share Site for each class that all parents are invited to join and stay updated and connected. On your classroom site you will find a detailed school calendar of events, the opportunity to share photos from the classroom and school events, and connect with other parents. This is a secure place to share pictures and class information, and is the primary means of communication with the school.

Parent Resources: