Does my child need to be potty trained?
It is preferred that the child is potty trained, but we understand that all children develop at their own rate. It is recommended that all students have a spare change of clothes in their backpack. If a child has a urine accident at school, the staff will assist in changing into clean clothes. If the child has a fecal accident, parent/caregiver will be called to change the child. There are two bathrooms located right within the classroom.

Do the children play outside?
There is a really nice, small, fenced in playground on the premise. All classes use the playground throughout the year. The teacher tries to get the children out as often as possible, but given upstate New York’s weather, that isn’t always feasible. The rule of thumb is, if the windchill is below 32, the children stay indoors. There is a nice, large open room for the children to exercise their gross motor skills when they have to be indoors.

How often do I work in the classroom as a helping parent?
Working parent days for a 3s family is approximately 4-6 days and for a 4/5s family is approximately 6-8.

Can other family members volunteer in the classroom?
We have had grandparents, aunt and uncles, etc. volunteer in the classroom. If they are coming in for a working parent day and haven’t already participated in the training given at the beginning of the school year, we ask that arrangements be made prior to the day they are coming in. It won’t take long, but is better done in advanced rather than the morning of. Please contact the classroom coordinator to setup a training.

What safety precautions are taken at the school?

  • The doors from the entrance way into our hallway are locked when class starts. There is a doorbell located at that entrance for a person to ring, should he/she need to enter the classroom while school is in session.
  • Students are only released to adults who are on a list provided by their parents/guardians. If the adult is not recognized by the teacher, they must provide identification.
  • All of the PNS teachers are certified in CPR and fist aid.
  • Fire and safety drills are practiced throughout the school year will all classes.
  • Chimes on the classroom doors tell the teachers if someone opens a classroom door.

Are you a nut-free school?
PNS is a nut free school. If you are providing snack for your helping day or child’s birthday, please DO NOT use nuts or nut products. This includes coconut and almond milk. We do not, though, avoid products that are produced in an environment with nuts unless a specific need arises. If a situation arises, we will inform that particular class.

My child has a food allergy. What can be done about that?
Should there be a student with food allergies, a Safe Foods list is posted in the classroom and handed out to parents. All families will be asked to adhere to the list when providing food items. Please contact the child’s parent, a teacher or the class coordinator with food safe questions.

Can you dispense medication?
At PNS, teachers are permitted to administer an Epi-pen in an emergency situation. However, we are not allowed to dispense an other medication; internal or topical. Please speak to a teacher or your class coordinator if you need an Epi-pen to be stored in the classroom.